What is the VEU program?

The Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) program is a state government initiative. It aims to incentivise both installers and homeowners, landlords and businessess to upgrade to more energy-efficient products.


How does the VEU program work?

Launched in 2009, the VEU program rewards energy-efficient upgrades to houses and businesses. When an approved, energy-efficient product is installed, we’re able to issue a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC).


Each VEEC represents one tonne of carbon that the upgrade stops from being emitted. Energy retailers are then obliged by law to purchase these, to offset their own carbon emissions.


How has the VEU program changed?

When it launched in 2009, very few energy-efficient upgrades were eligible to generate VEECs. For each activity that qualified, only a small range of products were approved – and many of these weren’t people’s first preference.


More recently though, the types of activity that qualify to generate VEECs has expanded. Even better, the range of approved products now includes a variety of household names, meaning there’s never been a better time to upgrade (and get paid to do it).


Heating and cooling is the flagship VEU activity until 2030


We can issue VEECs for a huge range of common split system installs


Hot water pump rebates are also available, including STCs


Each ‘VEU friendly’ install creates VEECs


The more energy-saving the install, the more VEECs you get - meaning more rebate $$$


Homeowners get discounted installations, reduce future energy bills, cut-down on carbon emissions and help the environment


Installers can use part of the rebate to get paid to engage with the programme, to win more work and create more jobs

How are VEECs calculated?

VEECs are created when a VEU-approved install is undertaken. The number of VEECs created depends on a range of things.

  • The old/existing units that are decommissioned (the less efficient the old unit, the better)
  • What new model(s) are installed (the more efficient the new unit, the better)
  • Postcode of install: Regional vs. Metro, and whether it’s a cold, mild or hot climate
  • Installers get an easy-to-use VEEC calculator to find the best VEU solution for their customers.

What determines the rebate amount for installers and property owners?


Funded by energy retailers

The rebate you receive is funded by energy retailers buying VEECs (as the government has stipulated that they must). However the price retailers buy them for varies each day, as it’s an open trading market.


Additional costs for installers

Installers generate some additional costs when participating in the VEU program. That’s because they need to:


– Identify and recommend only VEU-approved products

– Decommission or recycle old units using a VEU-approved method, via EPA-registered sites

– Handle the compliance work associated with the VEU application for the rebate

– Bear the legal responsibility for adhering to the program’s stringent requirements


Passing the rebate on to customers

Because of the above costs, it’s up to installers to decide how much of the rebate to pass on to their customers, which they usually do in the form of an up-front discount on the install. Most installers use our calculator tools to forecast the size of their rebate based on the products they’re installing, their clients’ postcode, the VEEC market, and other factors.


They then offer a discount to their clients that’s competitive and fair to both parties. Clients must agree to this when they approve the quotes they receive, and on the day of installation sign that they give permission for their installer to generate VEECs to get the rebate, and that they’re happy with the rebate portion offered to them.


Why use 1st Energy Rebates to get the VEU rebate?

Why Do Installers Use Us?

Only accredited people can create VEECs, which is a complex process that comes with other risks, and legal responsibilities. It’s simply not suitable for many businesses to do this for themselves.


We specialise in VEU rebates, and offer a full 360-degree service to make it simple and easy for installers to unlock rebates for their customers.


We take a commission to pay for our services, so we only make money if the rebate application is successful. That keeps us motivated to help installers get every rebate over the finish line.


We offer admin support, a specialised app, VEU software and solution tools, compliance, audit and even marketing help.


We do 80% of the work so installers don’t have to – they can focus on installing high-quality VEU-approved energy-efficient products.


Download our app now, for both Android and Apple devices. 


























Some important facts!


1. Our app makes it easy for installers to pull together everything they need for a successful rebate claim, including:

  • Geo-tagged photos – a specific set that ‘tell the story’ of existing, then decommissioned and new units
  • Extra info on VBA certificates
  • CES certificates that must be uploaded
  • Customer and installer signatures needed
  • Plus much more!

02. Scrap Metal Requirements – Recycling certificates are needed from approved EPA providers to show

03. Every VEU install MUST have an ‘identifiable benefit’ to the customer to qualify, and we need to show proof of that

04. Model Numbers must EXACTLY match the VEU approved product model number – CHECK Approved Product List

05. Telemarketing / Door-knocking is Not yet banned to get leads using the program

06. Limits and criteria apply to installations – number of units, size of room, age of property – we will help you

07. VEEC calculation formula is complex and VEU can change it – important to always check our latest calculator

08. VEEC value fluctuates – check latest calculator and price hold guarantee to forecast your rebate correctly

09. VEEC payment from us is net to you after our fees have been deducted

10. We make payment direct to you each week – after your application is approved and submitted by us to the VEU