How the VEU supports Homeowners, Landlords & Businesses.

The VEU program exists to help fund the installation of new more energy-efficient products - sooner, rather than later.

This also helps you save money on future energy bills, reduces carbon emissions and protect the environment.

How does 1st Energy Rebates help?

At 1st Energy Rebates, we’re all about making your energy-efficient upgrades a breeze. No need to stress about finding top-notch installers or processing rebates—we’ve got you covered!

We’ll connect you with high-quality local installers, recommend VEU-approved products, and help you unlock an upfront rebate and lifelong savings on future utility bills. Let’s turn your home into an energy-efficient sanctuary, quickly and easily – today.


What products are eligible for the rebate?

There’s now a wide range of products you can get installed that are eligible for the rebate. These include:

– Split systems

– Water heaters

– High-efficiency air conditioners

– Underfloor insulation

– Double-glazed windows

– Weather sealing

And many more.


VEU Rebates Available

Heating & Cooling
Hot Water Heat Pumps

Top VEU Installers


Fully qualified, licensed tradies, these installers are the backbone of our local industry and know their VEU stuff.


You'll find everyone you need from Plumbers, Electricians, Refrigeration Mechanics and more.


Our Installers only work with reputable, known brands. They'll only install high-quality products that fit your needs.


Every install is different. Our installers will give you the best options for your needs. Nothing more, nothing less. That matters.

Why aren't the rebate amounts published?

The VEU program takes a lot of factors when calculating your rebate amount:

– where you live
– what sort of climate your region has
– the product that’s being decommissioned
– what new VEU-approved product – or products – are being installed

This enormous range of variables is the first reason no set amounts are published. There are so many combinations! But there are other important factors to consider as well.

Why is the rebate paid to my installer, rather than to me?

The rebate is paid to the installer primarily because they are the ones legally responsible, alongside ourselves, for meeting strict VEU rebate compliance criteria.

It is a lot of extra work and costs more for installers to engage with the VEU program. Installers need to make sure they:

– Identify and recommend only VEU-approved products

– Decommission or recycle old units using a VEU-approved method, via EPA-registered sites

– Handle the compliance work associated with the VEU application for the rebate

– Retraining on potentially new products and systems

– Bear the legal responsibility for adhering to the program’s stringent requirements

The rebate is there to help offset these costs, as well as reward installers for promoting and undertaking the installation of energy-efficient upgrades.

A VEU install is a lot more complex and costly for them than a standard install. It’s one of the reasons the rebates themselves are so generous: to allow everyone to benefit.

Where can I learn more about the VEU program?

If you’re interested in learning more about the VEU program, how it’s changed recently, and how the rebate process works, we’ve got more information on that.

Learn more about the VEU program

How can I find a qualified VEU installer in my area?

If you’re ready to talk an installer, we can help you find a great selection of qualified installers in your area. We only recommend those installers who are active with the VEU program and install high-quality, well-known products with excellent service and warranty support.

The quote you receive should clearly list the VEU rebate amount they’re offering to you, and allow you to make an informed decision on how and with whom you wish to progress.

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