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The best Victorian Energy Upgrades rebate service provider in Heating, Cooling & Hot Water.

What we Do

Fully accredited energy efficiency rebate agency within the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

Helping installers unlock the energy incentives on offer quickly, easily using the best all-inclusive rebate service around:

  • Competitive prices
    Fast payments
    Admin assistance
    RebateM8 software
    Compliance checks
    VEU submission
    Government audits
    Marketing & more

We do it all for you so you can get on with your job.

Why participate?

3 Reasons

  • Get more money for doing what you already do. Decommission old units & install a new VEU approved one. Plenty to choose from!
  • Use the rebate to win more work, grow your business and your bottom-line profit. Protect and create local jobs.
  • Reduce homeowner utility bills, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a sustainable future environment.

Our Installers Are Always Our Number One Priority. That's Why We Are Best In Class.

We do 80% of the work involved and give you all the tools, training and support you need for the other 20%, so you can get on with your job.


(ex-GST) is our current VEEC price.


paid to our installers last month


installers in Victoria is our goal.


is when the VEU program currently runs to.

Space Heating & Cooling Rebates are worth the effort.

We promise to get our installers their rebates quickly and easily.

We focus 100% of our efforts on installers. Without them, the VEU program cannot achieve it's goal. To enable affordable heating and cooling upgrades that save money and help the environment. Working together in partnership we thrive side by side. So everything we do is about making our installers rebate experience as painless and as rewarding as we can. That's a win:win. That's what we are all about.


Belinda Baker, Director.

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    We are primarily:

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    or give us a call now on +61 (3) 9811 7043

    Help you

    The Best Energy Rebate Service Around

    Compliance & Auditing

    We collate, check and audit every application to make sure it's going to get approved first time every time. Including giving you the admin help you need.

    Keep You Informed

    Live updates on Your personal dashboard on VEU news, program changes, new products and opportunities.

    Stay Up To Date

    Regardless of what life stage you are in, you are likely to have some short and long term financial goals

    The Best VEU Product Deals

    Connect you with the top brands, wholesalers and services in the industry.

    We understand how busy you are doing what you do, but you are leaving money on the table if you are not accessing Government rebates and discounts. These rebates are available for installations in Victoria for split system upgrades and hot water.


    From Clients

    Our Partners Believe In Us

    We Are Here To Help You

    Our Partners

    We work closely with the top brands and wholesalers to support you in delivering the best products, installs, service and warranties to your customers.


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    Installers are our number one priority. Making VEU rebates easy, quick and painless to access. So you can get on with your job.
    Hands on, in the field, on the phone – you need us? We are there. Every step of the way.


    If you are looking to upgrade and save with the Victorian Energy upgrades program, we can help you find trusted, local tradies to do the job right.
    Installing recognised, quality brands with excellent service and warranty support.

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        We are primarily:

        Best time to contact us by Phone is (choose up to 2 time slots):

        or give us a call now on +61 (3) 9811 7043