Terms and Conditions



  1. We create Environmental Certificate.
  2. You are an Installer involved in the installation of Systems for Consumers.
  3. You wish to work with Us based on these Terms and Conditions.
  4. You will accurately complete the online tools provided by Us and provide geo-coded photos, certificates of compliance and other information as may be requested from time to time.
  5. You will provide a benefit to the Consumer completing the Assignment Form.
  6. You will receive a fixed price from Us for eligible Environmental Certificates, which may vary in price from time to time
  7. These are the Terms and Conditions We and You agree to work together.


1. Definitions – For the purpose of this document


“1stER”, “Our”, “We”, “Us” meaning Seeing Green Balloons P/L T/As 1st Energy Rebates Victoria.


“Assignment Form” meaning the assignment of the right to create VEECs and/or STCs in respect of a residential, business or non-residential premises where an eligible System has been installed by a qualified Installer.


“Benefit” meaning a value provided to a Consumer. This could be a gift card, cash back, discount on invoice or other value for example a 12 month service.


“Created” meaning lodged an Assignment Form with the applicable regulatory body.


“Consumer” meaning the person that is the owner of the System .


“Environmental Certificate” meaning STCs and VEECs.


“Installer” meaning the qualified person, company or entity that installed the System at the premises of the System Owner.


“Regulatory Body” meaning for VEET the Victorian Essential Services Commission  and for the RET the Clean Energy Regulator.


“RET” meaning the renewable energy target under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 and associated regulations.


“STCs” meaning Small-Scale Technology Certificates under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth) and associated regulations.


“System” meaning an eligible product under the RET or an eligible installed product or completed service under VEET.


“VEECs” meaning Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates.


“VEET” meaning Victorian Energy Efficiency Target under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 (Vic).


“You” meaning the Installer or Consumer, a customer of Us.


“Recipient” meaning Seeing Green Ballons P/L T/As 1st Energy Rebates.


“Submission” meaning providing to Us a signed Assignment Form.


2. Terms and Conditions:


You acknowledge, represent and warrant that:


2.1 You will use the correct Assignment Form provided to You by Us.


2.2 You have not previously created STC or VEECs for the lodged Assignment Form.


2.3 On Submission of the Assignment Form to Us, the STCs/VEECs cannot be withdraw by You.


2.4 On request of additional information required for auditing and/or requested by the Regulatory Body, You will provide Us within 5 working days or another time frame mutually agreed by Us.


2.5 STCs and VEECs are a commodity and prices are subject to change, potentially affecting the value You receive.


2.6 You will need to repay or may have funds held where VEECs or STCs could not be created with the Regulatory Body.


2.7 We will not be liable for non-payment of incomplete forms and/or missing information.


2.8 You will follow the Code of Conduct and instructions from Us regarding the Code of Conduct.


2.9 We may refuse Assignment Forms at any time.


2.10 You are not permitted to use telemarketing and/or door knocking for lead generation.


2.11 The Installer and any person representing your company will always follow your SWMS, including but not limited to following OH&S industry standards, working in restricted space, working with water at high temperatures, working with refrigerant gas.


2.12 If You participate in the Activity 45 – Home Energy Rating Assessments and/or Activity 44 – Commercial and Industrial Heat Pump Water Heater (not business installations), You will be required to supply a PI Insurance certificate of currency to $5million.


2.13 We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Updated Terms and Conditions are available on our website or can be requested in writing.


3. Payments


You acknowledge, represent and warrant that:


3.1 Where a complete Assignment Form and accompanying documents have been provided to Us, a recipient created invoice will be issued to You and payment made to the bank details provided. This constitutes an acceptance to these Terms and Conditions.


3.2 Where STCs and/or VEECs could not be created We will issue You an invoice for the re-payment amount and/or We may take the re-payment amount from future claims submitted by You.


3.3 We will advise any price changes to VEECs and/or STCs.


3.4 The price is determined by the receival of all documents required by Us to create STCs and VEECs.


3.5 For true and correct fully complete Assignment Forms received by close of business Friday, will be paid the following Wednesday. Assignment Forms with any missing Information will not be eligible for payment until all information has been received.


3.6 GST will paid in line with Australian Tax Office requirements.